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The Mission of SMLBA

The Smith Mountain Lake Boating Association has taken the initiative to create this organization, assemble essential rudimentary information and present it in a format to benefit Smith Mountain Lake boaters. Our objectives are to increase awareness, to encourage boating safety, to examine issues, facilitate the exchange of information, to promote our interests and to assist and support our members.

This organization exists solely to benefit our members and the boating community. The SMLBA is a organization that is run solely by volunteers. United we can accumulate the best ideas and the best information to provide the best solution to solve problems and situations. The greatest value in accumulating this knowledge and information is that it can be used to inform and educate everyone.

BYLAWS of Smith Mountain Lake Boating Association

Articles of Incorporation and SCC Certificate


Meet the Officers

 Bob Davis, President  Ernie Powers, Director  Joan Griffith, Director 
 Juanita Thomas, Vice President   Lynette Webb, Director  Sharon Vernon, Director
 Jon Dabareiner, Treasurer  Steve Harrington, Director  
 Mark Jordan, Secretary  Pat Bechtler, Director
 Poker Run - Juanita Thomas
 Chris Betchler, Membership    Card Stops - Ernie Powers & Sharon Vernon

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