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Consent Form

The boat owner must be a member of the SML Boating Association. You may prepay your 2018 membership dues with the application included with this registration. The dues are currently $15.00 for one year or $50.00 for a five year membership.

The undersigned boat owners, boat operators, and/or boat occupants do hereby agree that the boat owners and/or operators shall be responsible for the safe and proper operation of his or her boat and shall be responsible and liable for any injury or damage caused by him or her, the occupants, or his or her boat; and do hereby release the sponsor, Smith Mountain Lake Boating Association from any and all claims for personal injury or for damage to personal property; and do hereby assume any and all risks in participating in the event; and do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the sponsors from any and all costs; losses or damages, including reasonable attorney fees, arising by reason of the undersigned participating in the event.

All operators agree not to drink alcohol during the Poker Run.

Enter fee is $175.00 per player (with a minimum of 2 players per boat) and $90.00 per guest. This includes admission to all scheduled events and t-shirts for all players and guests.

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